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February 25, 2006


Henry Georget

This interview gives ample proof, if anybody still needed it, of the intellectual bankruptcy of Stalinism. Wimmer would not recognize a revolution even with a paint-by-numbers sketch and a flashlight.

Comandante Gringo

What a gratuitous, misleading slag. Shameful and uncalled-for. The PCV may well be just as stalinist as you say (and it has been, historically, so I gather); but this interview was very good, and the Party member seems extremely intelligent and reasonable, with a lot of important insights on the venezuelan situation to impart to us. I could only fault maybe a possible fixation on bourgeois electoralism. Not enuff for this shrill denunciation from out of the Blue Yonder. So what's the point of your being as ideologically obtuse as any stalinist -- only coming from another angle, huh? How is solidarity amongst communists -- let alone the working-class -- going to be accomplished by such idiotic, irrelevant comments as the above/below? So what that this komrad is in a stalinist party? I think you've got some of your own ideological rigidity to deal with, komrad.


It is amazing that this interview of Carolus Wimmer, a member of the Venezuelan Communist Party (PCV) since 1971 and the party's international relations secretary, by Jim McIlroy and Coral Wynter, two staff people of from the Australian weekly newspaper Green Left Weekly has not gotten a lot more attention in both the Left and capitalist media since it's appearance months ago.

Wimmer is clearly knowledgeable about what is going on in Venezuela and painfully honest about what he has to say about it.

Wimmer's main points are:

(1) The missions offer an organizational alternative to the bureauracy or, in other words, the state apparatus which is infested by the obstructive middle class.

(2) The preservation of, at least, liberal bourgeois regimes in Brazil and Argentina is almost essential to the Venezuelan Revolution. (This is a shocker. And I believe he's right.)

(3) The shortcomings of the Venezuela Revolution are found mostly, so far, in the battle against corruption and in the field of housing. (I found the "corruption" thing a bit misleading or, at least, troubling, because if the "rotten" middle class still infests the bureaucracy, like maggots, then corruption is largely an unwelcome gift from the middle class. But the comrade in this interview seems to impute corruption to Chavez's party. The imputation had a slight sectarian flavor.) But since these, as the comrade says, are in fact the major areas of shortcomings of the Revolution at this stage of the struggle, the comrade deserves a pass ... this time .

(4) Now is not the time to talk about political and ideological unification of the Left parties in Venezuela. There are still too many unresolved and, indeed, un-discussed differences in politics and in ideology to even think or even imagine organizational unification. But the prematurity of the organizational unification does not imply the prematurity political and ideological coordination in the common class struggle against the servile Venezuelan bourgeoisie and vile US imperialists.

(5) Chavez's people don't talk or babble enough with the people "below," including the government officials from the Left parties who legislative and political allies of Chavez and with the representatives of "popular movements" (who are of course, closet members of these Left parties).

The philistine who submitted a comment to you in response to the interview, calling Wimmer a "Stalinist," should of course be sh**.


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