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June 08, 2006


Chris Robins

Here we have some interesting information about the Venezuelan preparations for the elections in December… For those who don’t know Venezuela has an upcoming presidential election this December 2006. Here Chavez will run to govern for another 6 more years, on top of the 7 he has governed already since 1998.

By law all Venezuelan citizens above the age of 12 have an I D number. The ID card has your picture, complete name (in Venezuela: first name, middle name and 2 surnames), DOB, marital status and signature.

Since Hugo Chavez has come to power he has created mission Identity, a mission that helps all Venezuelans get their ID card without any problem and with the help of the military…Now when you go to get your ID, one is also made to register to Vote. This register is done for the CNE: National electorate Council ( Consejo Nacional Electoral).

As it would seem logical, the CNE has a webpage where one can insert an ID number and obtain your personal information: Complete name, where you vote, and where you live…Most ID numbers are between 1,000,000 and 25,000,000 the larger numbers are allocated to younger generations, in general.

Now here comes an interesting fact: If you go to the CNE webpage and insert the following ID numbers: 17074470 and 17074487 you will obtain the following names: J D H C and L C E M respectively…

This is not normal, as a Venezuelan name would be something like: Raul Jose Perez Gonzalez (for example) and it is impossible for a living person to get an ID number without a proper name…

The day I received this information, the id number 25214345 would give the name XX, but since yesterday this number has been eliminated, obviously due to the fact it’s so unreal…

Recently there was a claim that 100 Jose Gonzalez where on the CNE database, and all had the same date of birth…I don’t have any facts about this, but it could be possible.
Especially if Mr. jdhc, lcem and xx are registered to vote.

Please try this yourself, with the ID numbers I have indicated above. The website is: www.cne.gov.ve , and if you don’t know Spanish. Just put the number in the top Right of the page where it says: Consulte el Registro Electoral: , (The abbreviation CI means: Cédula de Identidad, which is ID: identity number ) leave the indicator on V as this represents Venezuelan people, E means foreigners with Venezuelan ID.

I am very interested in the impressions
some of you might have about this?

Best regards,

Chris Robins

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