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August 27, 2006



There are many brilliant pieces written from a more scholarly point of view defending the administration of President Chavez and trying to educate our corporate-owned, media-misled citizenry about the politics, economics and civil society of Venezuela. Most recently and notably, an article by Jeff Cohen entitled “Go to Venezuela, You Idiot.” So, instead of writing a scholarly piece, I would like to make some personal observations about the regimes of George Bush and Hugo Chavez.


It is easy to critize Hugo Chavez 's administration when actually one should
ask the question " what is really a democracy?"
Is a democracy ... a rich country from
the First World pays and supports their
X favorite candidate to win the elections
in a Latin American country in order to
spread "manipulated democracies" that are
friendly to US interests abroad/expats ?

Is that "a democracy"?

Or LEAVE the PEOPLE in Latin America DECIDE
what they really want for a president?
( and without the involvement of a foreign

You decide .

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