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September 24, 2006



That is illegal,...those authorities are behaving like Nazis.


So, Now,the U.S is going to deny visas just because Hugo Chavez perpetrated a Coup D' Etat?
What about General Omar Torrijos?
He indeed perpetrated a Coup D' Etat against
Arnulfo Arias but the U.S never said anything. What is more,in 1977,the US signed
an international treaty with the De FACTO
ruler General Torrijos?
The U.S closes their eyes ,ignore the bad stuff and smile to some De Facto rulers?
While condemning others like
Hugo Chavez?

What is the difference?

There is no difference.If the dictator has
good relationships with the U.S ..it doesn't matter if THAT dictator kills their
citizens,steals the treasure or confiscate
the US expat property abroad...
If those 'good relationships" exist...
The US says.... NO PROBLEM.
We know the convenient U.S foreign policy.

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