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February 06, 2007



Thanks for providing clarity. It is unfortunate that Democracy Now then to adopt the language of the rulers when they are suppose to be the exception. They refer to the resistance movement in Iraq as "insurgency" when there is no legitimate government in Iraq.


Chavez bound by the constitution? Alongside the enabling law, there is at present - and without any popular participation- a revision of the constitution. The 99 constitution was at least openly debated by all Venezuelans, the present review is taking place in closed doors.
As to the possibility of citizens requesting a referendum on any subject whatever, you've got to be kidding!
To request a referendum, that 5% of registered voters, need to sign, providing a name and identity number. The way in which the list of names and identities collected for the presidential referendum, ended up being used by the government to blacklist citizens seeking jobs, loans, documents,etc, has ensured that no Venezuelan in their right mind will ever exercise that particular constitutional right.

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