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Alan Hinnrichs

Bravo what a good expose of the insidious relationship between New Labour and certain parts of the MPH campaign. It makes a mockery of their claims to be helping the world poor by being bootlicks to a couple of war criminals like Blair and Brown who, have spent more on wiping Iraq of the face of the Earth than helping people in Africa improve their lives.

It is very much the approach of New Labour that Geldof and Bono take. This idea that we are all on the same side on there is no real enemy. We are all working toward the same goal.

I live in Dundee and was considering going to Edinburgh on Saturday but after reading your article I don't think I'll bother. Government endorsed demos where the perpetrators of the crime will be lionised as heroes. There is something almost North Korean about that. I wonder what the Richard Curtis of the 80s would have made if Norman Tebbit had he gone on a peoples march for jobs in Glasgow in the early 80s? Such a preposterous situation can only been done justice through satire. Indeed it is quite hilarious how life will imitate art this Saturday when MPH will be running around doing a Basil Fawlty shouting 'don't mention the war'.

Celebrity endorsement of this march is pure tabloid inspired self-indulgent tripe. I wonder if half these vacuous celebrities even know what they are on about or if, they are simply being encouraged by Max Clifford as wearing a white wrist band without explaining or understanding the politics behinds starvation is the latest way to get 'street cred'.

I think Dave Brent of the office said it best when he uttered 'who says famine has to be sad' on the occasion of his office dressing up for the day. Sickening but true. Anyway it's on to Gleneagles for a highly politicised but peaceful demo against the gangsters of the G8

Elly Wanda

What an informative article sir.
Whilst I praise the efforts of the "Make poverty History campaign", I also think we should start to drive the debate in addressing the undemocratic nature of NGOs particulalry those associated with the MPH campaign. I think that they are undemocratic and this in itself is hypocritical. Why benefit from someone's misery and demand something that you yourself cant adhere to?

karim ghachem

We still need celebrities to promote global causes whether there interest is self promotion or not. They too have a role in bringing awareness.

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