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Brenda Dooley

Every Live 8 multi-millionaire performer should sell one of his or her multi-million dollar estates and donate the money to the International Relief Committee. Working men and women can't afford to have our taxes raised to buy more shoes for the Imelda Marcos clones of Africa. Haven't we learned anything from the U. S. experience in the Phillipines? What did our money buy in Iran? Relief for the poor? No, a lavish life style for the Shah and his family.
Live 8 performers' hearts are in the right place, but their brains are not. They should personally finance schools and clinics, feeding centers and farming co-ops.


Live 8 was the most patronising and embarrasing shite I have seen in a long time. It looked like the key message was that if enough white people wear white wrist-bands, say the word 'fuck' loudly and congratulate Bob Geldof, then Africans will be chubbier. And John Snow even went on Channel 4 news asking random Africans if they'd heard of Bob Geldof, sounding like some sort of missionary saying: 'Have you heard of Jesus Christ? He can solve all your problems'. I liked Bob, but can't help but feel he's dug a dangerous hole in his naivety.

A few people went to Hyde Park to give out MakeOccupationHistory leaflets about Palestine. And the crowd response was quite warm, people were reaching over to take leaflets and were keen to read and learn. It's such a shame they got nothing of content inside a gig that was billed as their opportunity to contribute to global society. I await Live2020.

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