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fatoumata toure

Who do they think they are kidding?With all the failed promises, the long line of Commissions and pious yet sinister initiatives,I have only one comment: with poverty as the latest neo liberal logo to brand Africa to the sound of ridiculously simplistic rock concerts by the latest batch of bleeding heart do gooders, if we are not careful WE shall be made history!


I have never owned a slave! But, as a middle class American, who started out with nothing, the world expects ME to shoulder it's burdens. I work hard for what I have and resent plans to dig deeper into my pocket. I am all for the elimination of poverty and famine, but, I believe that ALL plans involve plunging myself and other Americans like me into poverty stricken sevitude to the world at large. If this is not the case, please, someone tell me.


Did I meet you on the party this weekend? I think I have electronics?

Poor orphan

"...Amin ended by calling for a global campaign against the debt with three parts. First, an audit of where the debt came from and who is responsible – these people and companies should be tried as criminals. Secondly, a call for the total cancellation of the debt. And third, an international law for dealing with debt in contrast to the present system, which he argued was corrupt and illegal"
great post! thanks very much for sharing!

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