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Its global taxation without representation. The G8 leaders placed an income GDP tax on their sountries without bothering to ask anybody. They are now takedn seriously, just like the protesters were. The terror cannot be related to the GDP tax they created for the African Hemishpere(only and so far) because Blair immediately DOUBLED the tax, paying off the terrorists.

The G8 is for fun and nothing more. Taxing their won countires for (only?) ten years makes them no fun and very dangerous. Guess who pays the terrorists and the taxes.....

Human Being

Is the G20 an expanded G8?

Is the G8 something like ASEAN or SARRAC?

Can the numbers from the World Bank be trusted? The world bank would have you belive that Congo has a GDP of about 25 Billion USD.

Would expanding the G8 to include China, India and other nations result in a G20.

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