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Helen Hintjens

This will be the start of serious victimisation of asylum seekers, muslim people as after September 11 only worse. Please can all of you who care about what is happening around you be aware that besides the global issues of justice there are some very local issues of justice. Please ensure that you know at least three people who can phone you in an emergency (asylum seekers, vulnerable muslim families isolated from others etc), and whom you can support when they need the police, emergency services, or some kind of interlocutor because they have no or little english. I wish I was joking; we are all needed back in our neighbourhoods, as everyone who is campaigning for world social justice may be away from home. Please visit the areas where asylum seekers are dumped in our various cities; get to know them as human beings. They are from Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Pakistan, Iran, Croatia, Russia. THey are from everywhere. Please consider them your responsibility; local action includes protecting and knowing them.

Helen xxxx

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