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Neil Bennet

Far from wanting to defend the SWP, it should be pointed out the majority of stewards were volunteers from the FBU.

Also, many SSPers, including myself, joined the breakaway march through the cornfield to the perimeter fence (not sure about the SWP).

Mr Spoon

Yeah but everyone knows the FBU and other so-called 'trade unions' are just SWP fronts anyway.


Yes, but stewards don't act autonomously, there's always someone known as a Chief Steward. And lets not pretend that the SWP would let anyone else be the Chief Steward - unless Gill Hubard, Chris Nineham et al were all too busy denouncing the 'violence' of protestors to the media to think about stewarding... The recieved wisdom in the SWP always used to be that it was a massive mistake when the Militant denounced the 'violence' of anti-poll tax rioters - yet they seem to be paralleling that mistake here exactly....

Stewart Davidson

It's difficult to judge the extent to which the utter incompetency of the stewards had anything to do with their party composition. What I agree with though, was that the lack of organisation was disgraceful. The phrase 'headless chickens' comes to mind.



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