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Glen Tarman

FACT: Walden Bello and Bianca Jagger did NOT defy Make Poverty History 'spin doctors'.

Both speakers were invited as part of the trade justice slate. As the person with lead responsibility from Make Poverty History in that area I can assure readers of this blog that both speakers were given a fully open brief. It was up to each of them to decide their own script.

Walden Bello's speech at the press conference and Bianca Jagger's speech from the stage are both available, unedited, in an archive of Make Poverty History radio (www.commedia.org.uk/exchange/mph.htm), the station Make Poverty History ran that day with the Community Media Association, Indymedia and other partners.

Surely Red Pepper should welcome the fact the Make Poverty History provided a platform for Waldon Beldo and Bianca Jagger to say what they wanted to say?

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