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The best awards Bonaza and adV specialties supplier on the Net auctioning-Sidekick and Ipod Seller....

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Nokia N95......us $350
Nokia N92......us $180
Nokia N93......Us $210
Nokia 6680......US $220
Nokia 6681......US $220
Nokia N90......US $170
Nokia N91......US $175
Nokia N70......US $165
nokia n80.......$200
Nokia 6060......US $130
Nokia 6111......US $160
Nokia 8855... US$100
Nokia 9210 Communicator..US$195
Nokia N-Gage-- US$110
Nokia 9500 (communicator)US$180

Sony Ericssion Prices List.....
Sony Ericsson P800-- US$155
Sony Ericsson P900-- US$205
Sony Ericsson P910i-- US$210
Sony Ericsson T610-- US$130
Sony Ericsson T630-- US$135
Sony Ericsson T68i-- US$105
Sony Ericsson T68m-- US$110
Sony Ericsson Z200-- US$100
Sony Ericsson Z600-- US$170
Sony Ericsson R520m-- US$100
Sony Ericsson R380s-- US$105
Sony Ericsson S700-- US$175
Sony Ericsson K500i-- US$180
Sony Ericsson K700i-- US$189
Sony Ericsson K750i-- US$200

Motorola Prices List........
Motorola razor V3........$140
Motorola razor V3i.......$140
Motorola MPX200-- US$160
Motorola V60i-- US$75
Motorola V70-- US$105
Motorola V80-- US$115
Motorola V750-- US$125
Motorola V525-- US$139
Motorola V300-- US$130
Motorola V400-- US$125
Motorola V500-- US$130
Motorola V600-- US$140

Nextel Prices List.......
Nextel i930-- US$140
Nextel i736-- US$105
Nextel i830-- US$115
Nextel i860-- US$125
Eten m500------us$220
Eten m600-------Us$250

APPLE IPOD........
Apple 4 GB iPod Mini:$65.00USD
Apple 6 GB iPod Mini:$70.00USD
Apple 40 GB iPod photo:$80.00USD
Apple 60 GB iPod photo:$105.00USD
Apple 30 GB iPod Photo:$90.00

TOM TOM.........
Tom Tom Go for $180usd
Tom Tom Portable Nav Preloaded Map USA/C for $150usd
Tom Tom GO 510 Vehicle GPS Navigation (510) for $160usd
Tom Tom Go 700 In Vehicle Navigation System for $190usd
Tom Tom 1D00780 GO 700 Portable Vehicle Navigation GPS for $180usd

Original Extended Carbox Sidekick/Tracker 2 …$100 usd
T-Mobile Sidekick 2 Danger Cell Phone…..$100 usd
SIDEKICK 3 for just…… $120 usd

[email protected]
[email protected]


We are mobile phones wholesalers and we do sale in pieces to enhance our sales.We deals on all brands and models of mobile phones such as Nokia,Ipods,Laptops,Mp3 players,Tv Set, etc We are using this medium to reach you buyers of mobile phones Purchase that if you get to order 3unit and get 1unit free,Do kindly reply back if you are interested.

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NOKIA N93 .........$210usd
NOKIA N95 .........$320usd
NOKIA N80 .........$140usd
NOKIA N90 .........$160usd
NOKIA 8800 ........$150usd
NOKIA N70 .........$130usd
NOKIA N91 .........$170usd
NOKIA N92 .........$180usd
NOKIA 6230i .......$140usd
NOKIA 6260 ........$130usd
NOKIA 9300 ........$130usd
NOKIA 7610 ........$150usd
NOKIA 6680 ........$130usd
NOKIA 6682 ........$140usd
NOKIA 7650 ........$150usd
NOKIA 9500 ........$140usd
NOKIA E60 .........$150usd
NOKIA E61 .........$155usd
NOKIA E70 .........$160usd
NOKIA 6230.........$130usd

Samsung d500.......110usd
Samsung e600........80usd
Samsung e800........20usd
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BenQ P31...........$330
BenQ M350..........$339
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BenQ P50...........$321

Treo 600 ............$120USD
Treo 650 ............$130USD
Treo 700W ...........$200USD

Nextel 6510TM........US$110
Nextel i730...........US$85
Nextel i733...........US$95
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Nextel i860..........US$120
Nextel i930..........US$130

play station 1......$120
play station 2 .....$130
play station 3......$150
x_box 360...........$200

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Apple 4 GB iPod Nano....$60 usd
Apple 20 GB iPod photo..$40 usd
Apple 30 GB iPod Video..$80 usd
Apple 60 GB video.......$140 usd

Sharp Aquos LC-37D7U 37 in Flat Panel LCD TV.....$350usd
Sharp Aquos LC-26DA5U 26 in\' LCD TV.................$250usd
Sharp Aquos LC-45GD7U 45 in Flat Panel LCD TV...$400usd

Sharp Aquos LC-20S4U 20 in Flat Panel LCD TV......$200usd
Sharp Aquos LC45GD4U 45 in Flat Panel LCD TV......$300usd
Sharp Aquos LC-45GX6U 45 in Flat Panel LCD TV.....$450usd

Samsung HP-R4252 42 in Flat Panel Plasma TV............$400usd
Samsung HL-R5067W 50 in Rear-Projection DLP TV...$400usd
Samsung LN-R268W 26 in Flat Panel LCD TV..............$250usd
Samsung HL-R4667W 46 in Rear-Projection DLP TV.....$350usd

Samsung LN-R268W 26 in Flat Panel LCD TV................$300usd
Samsung SlimFit TX-R3079WH 30 in Flat CRT TV..........$300usd
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