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24 November 2005



And the winner is: Campaign for Creativity.
See: http://www.eulobbyaward.org/?showcontender=1

Shrewd in its claim to represent artists, musicians, designers, engineers and software developers the ‘Campaign for Creativity’ (C4C), was set up to lobby Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to vote for US-style software patents , which will grant large corporations stronger intellectual proprerty rights over software. Behind its grassroots mask lies a campaign orchestrated by Simon Gentry of London based public affairs firm Campbell Gentry, supported by software giants like Microsoft and SAP. Gentry’s pedigree as a successful agent for corporate lobby’s is top quality. Previous associations include involvement in the shameful industry campaign for patents on life on behalf of SmithKline Beecham.

Deception and innovation should guarantee the Campaign for Creativity a top place in this year’s Worst Lobby Awards. Tactics have included giving out free ice creams to MEPs on a hot afternoon and sailing around the canals of Strasbourg in a motorised yacht like a modern pirate. Vote now to demask this fake NGO.


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