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06 May 2006


Jim Jay

Three things on the ESF - all completely different and the first two here contradict each other directly... James, help me sort fact from fiction!

Report from European Social Forum, Athens. Lenin's Tomb


Extremely pleasant, but... Weekly Worker's report


ESF: Athenian democracy Hilary Wainwright



...Jim if you're stupid enough to believe anything the Weekly Worker prints you really need some help...

jim jay

Thanks for the extremely useful post truthseeker, cough, trouble is both sources are regularly self serving in their reporting. I don't trust either the SWP or CPGB to tell me the unvarnished truth and hoped James, as a far more honest individual could throw some light on the matter.


Well, whomever one trusts (and I would distrust anyone who thinks about politics as a matter of trusting others), it is a straightforward matter of record that the Weekly Worker is very very factually poor - and that's putting it very politely. Outright lies have been known to enter that sheet. The only reason it isn't more ubiquitously said is that not many people read the damned thing.

jim jay

Politics isn't a matter of trusting others - but reporting is. When trying to find out the facts of an incident we go to sources we trust. If I read something in the Sun I'm far less likely to believe it than if I read it in the Independent, that doesn't mean I base my politics on the Independent leader, or that I think it is always right, only that I trust it as a news source over the Sun.

Weekly Worker does have a lot of simply wrong information in it which is why I don't trust it. But I'm not going to trust a report on an event that 'happens' to paint events in a light that unilaterally confirms the politics of the writer. It looks very self serving.

I'm not dismissing the Tomb's report as wrong but I do want someone independent to give their opinion on the events so I've got a little more to go on than someone who says "we did nothing wrong and yet others in the movement attacked us". It seems unlikely.


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red pepper

Outright lies have been known to enter that sheet. The only reason it isn't more ubiquitously said is that not many people read the damned thing.

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