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November 12, 2005


Henry Georget

I read Gott's book Guerrilla Movements in Latin America. At that time I thought that it was pretty good and that Gott was an insightful author. I guess I'll have to revise my view of Mr. Gott now.

So we have a revolution moving at "breackneck speed" in Venezuela. Amazing.

I think that the point about "Chávez's socialism" is that it is not socialism at all, and it is all about Chávez.

To say that Chávez is a pragmatist is to attribute him a philosophical outlook. I suspect that Mr. Gott overestimates Mr. Chávez.


There is a solution to Mr. Chavez. The people of the United States could boycott Citgo Gas Stations and the 7/11 convenient stores that allow Citgo as their gas alternative.

Citgo is only one form of distribution of gasoline in the United States and I do not know what names Venezuela oil is in other parts of the world, but it would seem feasiable in those countries also.

Chavez, is only as good as he can buy favors. I surely blame the governments of the free world. There is plenty of oil in Canada and other parts of the world. It may cost more to refine it, but in the United States could pick the most stringent form of refinery and produce mass production using this form, we could save billions of dollars and refinery costs.

It is such a elementary mind to see what governments and management always think about.

I would welcome your thoughts regarding my suggestion.

Charle Morris

I just read parts of Richard Gott's book on Cuba. Does Mr. Gott not realize that Fidel Castro is a cold-blooded killer and thief on a massive scale? Does he not realize that millions of people either have left Cuba or want to leave Cuba because of Castro? Castro has destroyed the island!


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