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December 05, 2005


david hutchinson

Chavez is an example of a man who can call himself a democrat, as he wins elections ( as Peron, and a hundred African despots), But his behaviour thereafter is dictatorial, as he punishes his opponents and does not respect the freedom of the individual (as Peron). On top of that, he makes mistakes, as he is not the sole repository of the truth (in fact he is a clot). So if there is only a turn out of 25%, his basic legitimacy is undermined. Richard Gott is far from being an intellectual genius, in fact he is usually wrong, and has the odour of Marxism. If Venezuela shut up and stayed at home, we could only pity it. But since Chavez aims to annoy the rest of the ordinary businesslike and peaceful world, then we have a problem.If he supports the guerrilla in Colombia, then he is a criminal, which is why he has an obsession that the US is after him. Dios mio.


David, as with so many of those who make it their business to accuse Chavez of being undemocratic, you present absolutely no evidence, just relying on the old adage that a lie repeated enough times becomes the truth. Chavez doesn't win elections every ten years with questions over the conduct of the elections - rather he has won eleven over the last seven years with everyone from the Organisation of American States, to the EU to Jimmy Carter certifying them as legitimate. I would suggest that what you don't like David, is the fact that Chavez has set out to empower the poor in the only way that is truly effective - by disempowering the rich. Unfortunately they haven't been disempowered nearly enough yet.

Henry Georget

I, for one, would like to see a revolution in Venezuela. Unfortunately, that is not what is happening in my country.

An election in which your vote can be monitored (using the infamous "caza-huellas") is not a free vote, as the past referendum showed.

Did you know that by matching the "caza-huellas" with the votes cast in the voting machines, a Chavista representative to the National Assembly (Luis Tascón) was able to compile the now infamous "Lista Tascón", and that those who voted against Chávez have been fired from government jobs, denied government contracts if they owned businesses, or even been denied passports or cédulas (the most important ID, one which all Venezuelans must carry with them at all times)?

Live and learn.

el tato

Existe la Lista Tascon-Maisanta, pues existe la lista del tato para combatir la injusticia



Herbert Richards


News from Venezuela
Venezuela - to that the KDS straight tries a similarly friendly relationship to
construct, like at that time to the Iraq, before it contrary to international
law was over-run by that Bush-warriors - is again good for a
Of the local Media to a large extent unconsidered, already some weeks ago in
more high-degree the "1. Energy summit of the Caribbean states " took place.
Venezuela Head of state Hugo Chávez had invited and a surprise guest was even
Cuba’s revolution leader Fidel Castro. The uninterested one will now say: "what concerns us a Caribbean energy summit?", but a tremendous explosiveness lies in the procedure of Chávez, finally times over it out-looked the edge of plate of his own country and probably recognized that only a broad alliance as much as possible of anti-imperialistic States can stop prepared US-American plans for South America. Chávez - meanwhile to the favourite enemy of Condoleezza Rice promoted - strikes those Establish-ment with a "Bolivari alternative for Amerika/Karibik" forwards (the acronym for it reads ALBA) and demands in view of the appearing global energy crisis for example reduced price oil supplies under that World trade price, between the states of the Karibik and a "solidary Exchange of goods ".ALBA as Counter-pol to the USA initiated neoliberalen Free trade agreement ALCA..., the US Americans meet hard and at that only place, where it really does pain to them, with the money.. "realm blackrather" in our rows the procedure becomes Chávez ' now as "possibly too dangerously "or" carelessly "criticize, but somewhere we must attack the USA nevertheless and if more people of the impact Chávez ' that Yankees the economic war would still explain and as it on the basis a broad alliance, then there would soon be so many "fronts" that the Americans everywhere to intervene could not at all.
One anyhow Chávez already recognized contrary to many its predecessor: One
Special way of Venezuela the US Americans became if necessary with more
harsher break to military force, after they had tried already in vain, To
plot Chávez away. A broad Caribbean alliance however, that forms a
politico-economic factor not with a military strike to be eliminated can! A
beginning is made and it is in the industrial city Puerto La Cruz not only
talked, but also directly acted: Chávez for the establishment of a new national
oil company converted 50 Millions US dollar made available and each
participating state has the right to send own representatives in the supervisory
board! Fidel Castro designated that US-American attack on the Iraq in Puerto La
Cruz also as one "war around the access to oil resources" and demanded one
"rapid establishment of the regional plan to co-operate" under Hugo Chávez...
Thus makes itself Venezuela, then makes itself Hugo Chávez outrider of an
economic and energy-political frontal attack on the USA and America seizes not
only also "more freshly" but also with "reduced in price energy" on...!
Solidarity with Venezuela - solidarity with Hugo Chávez!
With best Combat greeting
Thomas Brehl
http://www.kds-im-netz.de/ e-mail:
[email protected] . [email protected] . [email protected] . [email protected]

...which it also Cathedrals created,
us altar is those Stages
that Field-gentleman-resounds!
Baldur of Schirach

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