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February 28, 2006



This is a proof that the U.S/CIA methods
to throw Fidel down from power hadn't
been very ethical,clean or constitutionally correct.
What is the difference between the KGB methods and the CIA methods?

None.The use the same methods but with
different political ideology.

And the reason the U.S's government is
angry at Hugo Chavez is finally somebody
else than Castro is fighting back.
George Bush hates Hugo Chavez because Chavez
reminds Bush a lot about himself.

Marco Antonio Morín Kannee

Proffesor Chomsky there are people in Venezuela dying just because chavez gives away oil. And you congratulate him for that; by god, one man versus 28M (not counting the persons in government). You are a Phd, I honor you for that, but to honor a person like chavez who puts down a whole country just for his grandeur,

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