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February 09, 2006


Henry Georget

It's never too early to begin a presidential campaign. Let's see if Chávez can lower abstention from that eye-popping 80% in the elections to the National Assembly.

I'm surprised that a former military officer like Chávez could think that an American invasion is likely, or even possible. Doesn't he know the OOB of American Armed Forces? Or is it just mendacity?


It's possible in the long-term. Venezuela is a rogue regime and you never know what the future can bring. That's why their military training now is focused on urban warfare. The invasion talk is for domestic consumption by the uneducated. Yes they will lower abstention because they can cook the numbers without oversight (there will be no observation by respectable foreign bodies because the elections will not meet standards of fairness. This article is very biased...checkout venenews.net

juan pueblito

Mr Chavez is going to have a big surprise when Uncle Sam decides to reachout and touch someone Remember Mr Noriegua? he has been a guest of the state of Florida for some time now soon we will have another guest como la vez tu?

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