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March 30, 2006


Henry Georget

Let's see.

1) Cisneros is the Latin American Murdoch, and controls much of the Venezuelan media, which is 95% "far right". Geez, far right like the UK's BNP? Of course not, but never mind.

Cisneros is now in great terms with Chávez, by the way.

2) María Corina Machado belongs to an "extreme right" organization. She must be a Nazi, I guess.

3) Rugman was held for 30 hours by the police in Caracas. That doen't matter because "this is a country threatened day and night by the US".

4) Chávez is "highly intelligent". We are all entitled to our opinions, no doubt.

And this is the accuracy and objectivity that Pilger finds lacking in Rugman?

My eyes would pop out of my sockets if I had to roll them in proportion to Pilger's infantile defense of Chávez.

Henry Georget

Oh, and Julia Buxton's rationalization of Chávez's intention of reforming the Constitution of 1999 to allow himself to rule until his death is priceless.

"Because the opposition - which currently has the support of around 20% of voters - have threatened to boycott the December 2006 presidential election, delegtimising (sic) the contest as a result."

So, if the opposition boycotts the elections, Chávez should respond by proclaiming himself president for life. Great logic and very democratic. Oh, wait, that's what Chávez himself threatened to do, not what Buxton thinks (if she thinks anything on her own).


C4 angle may have to do with bitter disappointment that Chavez's administration refused to give an interview to C4 and rather to BBC 2 Newsnight. A bitter sweet revenge by C4.
IN addition, journalism is/should be about objectivity and report without bias and as close to the truth as possible. C4's Rugman report lack this thus cannot be taken seriously.


For that foreign journalist who always had
lived under satin cushions,Hugo Chavez and Venezuela's can appear " a crude,dictatorial
journalist nightmare".

What is good seen for some countries ...it is bad seen in another.

I would prefer a Hugo Chavez like president
rather than a highly corrupt "right wing"
president like Torrijos,whose real boss
are located in "a fortress"(the FEAR is still strong) in Clayton...heheheheheh.


What do you know about Latin American politics anyway?
I am more entitled to opine about that than you...To begin with,you don't even had
listened Hugo Chavez to speak in REAL

I do not even dare to talk about U.S politics because I am NOT american...THANKS

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