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April 16, 2006


Comandante Gringo

We really require a proper marxist analysis of what's going on in Venezuela (let alone América Latina). I think a lot of people are looking at these phenomena thru rose-colored glasses, frankly. Which doesn't do us or the Revolution any good.

We need to take a long, hard look at what is -- and what isn't -- actually socialist about the Bolivarian Revolution.

eugene moreau

Whatever one thinks of Chavez the hypocrisy of the US is, as usual, breathtaking. Like the nuclear issue - threatening to use nuclear weapons to stop a country developing nuclear weapons!!, or so the disinformation goes - for the US to be pointing the finger at Chavez for using his influence and wealth to affect other countries' politics!!! tut tut what's the world coming to.
The neofascists in the Whitehouse will use any methods to ensure the control of oil is in the hands of the US and they will break the law, as they have done in the invasion of Iraq, to try to oust Chavez.

Roger Ramjet

"When the hated despots of nations like Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan loot their countries' treasuries, transfer their oil wealth to personal Swiss bank accounts and use the rest to finance (in the House of Saud's case) terrorist extremists, American politicians praise them as trusted friends and allies. But when a democratically elected populist president uses Venezuela's oil profits to lift poor people out of poverty, they accuse him of pandering."

Hmm, let's summarize:

1- Use oil wealth to enrich yourself and the ruling elites.

2- Open secret Swiss bank accounts.

3- Fund terrorism and persecute democratic activists and thinkers.

Wow, sounds familiar.

1- Let's see: Jesse Chacón, Arné Chacón, Ruperti, Helmeyer, Del Nogal, Díaz Granados, Sarría, Carruyo, Lamaletto... the list goes on.

2- Vontobel and Chávez's figurehead Fernández Barrueco...

3- FARC (not to mention convicted domestic terrorists like Ramirito Helmeyer) plus blacklisting people through the Listas Tascón and Maisanta.

Mr. Rall seems to be describing Chávez's regime in the first paragraph. BTW, isn't he plagiarizing a similar lead by a Mr. Robson, a Labour MP in New Zealand?

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