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July 14, 2006



The Little Tramp's predicament is alive and well today, and not just in Venezuela. Work speed ups, understaffing, and abusive supervisors are making American workers crazy, exhausted, stressed, and sick. Something's got to give.


That is a reality in most countries in
Latin America where the workers are abused
by their bosses in construction sectors.
Many of them die from falls in tall buildings due to the lack of security
measures that foreign investors and rich
local construction/real estate companies
do not pay at all. Since those foreign
investors/real estate/construction companies
offer huge bribes to the government supervisors...the enforcement of the law
literally do not exist.

Also many union leaders are bribed by the same owners to keep their mouth shut...
Is that fair?
Is that a nice way of living?

Many countries in Latin Americ are choosing
socialists leaders because we are tired of
righ wing liers who only want is VOTES...
forgetting about the people right after
the elections.
If this social inequality continues in
Latin America and the privileges and bribes
from foreign investors continue...we will
see more leftists government taking over...

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