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November 27, 2006



I hope that for the good of Ecuador's people, the oposition parties will object and combat any intent of this demagogue to modify the constitution. It is the same trick used in Venezuela, and that is tried to be used in Bolivia. Just acommodate the constitution and distract the people with void promises until all the constitutional power in is the hand of the party. Then suppress or ignore all dissent and become a new dictator based in the cuban model. Hope the ecuadoreans and bolivians are not as stupid as the venezuelans. Signed: a Venezuelan.

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To assume that the poor masses of people in Latin America are democratically electing tyrants is utterly ridiculous. the opposition to this new wave of leaders stems from multinationals and the elite, who we can add have add their fair share of 'ruling' while the situation for the farmer, fisherman and peasant has remained the same at best. To criticize the new constitutions that are putting 90% plus of the population interests ahead of the less than 10% of the elite for the old constitutions (probably drafted by colonial governments) is sheer madness. stupidity could not be more abundant if the old constitutions were to be maintained.

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