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April 11, 2007



Letter for Mr. Charles Hardy,

My Father is 57 years old, my Mom is 52 (both were born here in Venezuela) and they pretty much have seen a lot of Presidents, a lot of situations, Democracy and Dictatorship, they have seen good and bad times, and they both agree that this President has been the Worst… He has built in some Venezuelan’s hearts “hate” and “envy”.

Mr. Hardy, I am sure that you know that Chavez participated in a coup against Carlos Andres Perez (President of Venezuela back then)… In Venezuela we say do not do to other what you don’t want they do to you… If he says that those that try to revoke his Presidency on 2002 are Criminals, then CHAVEZ IS A CRIMINAL AS WELL!!!

Chavez Do not help the poor people, He wants the people to live, think and do what he wants, He is not really against the rich people, He is against the Knowledge, the freedom, and the Time… He wants to have a Presidency like his friends Fidel and Hussein; they lived like King while the people were dying.

- Ignorance is the best weapon for the socialism
- Fear is the word of trust for the socialism
- Silence is the best way to say what you want under the socialism
- Dependency to the Government is the plan of Chavez to stay in Power

Sir, you really need more that 20 years to understand our needs, our thoughts and believes… You need more that 20 years to tell my parents that Venezuela is having the best President ever… You need more than 20 years living in Venezuela to believe what you just say about Chavez…

- My Country’s name is Venezuela an Not “Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela”
- My Flag has 7 stars an not 8 as he change it
- We have de right to watch, eat and dress what WE want

Please don’t tell me Chavez is the solution because he has been our DESTRUCTION!!!!

“Sometimes Ignorance is a privilege”.


Charlie Hardy is a FALSE person.Beware...most likely paid by certain political factions.He hates America and earns brownie points by sucking up to this evil regime.It is a regime that is making the rich richer ( including Chavez) , and the poor live under domination.The streets are more dangerous than ever..I am sick of the naive British and Europeans and Americans who like to see citizens of SA have their freedoms taken away to live under an evil form of socialism, and in this case fascism.Do your homework idiots!Or put your money where your mouth is and go live there without being paid by Chavez.

john green

I've interviewed Charlie Hardy and he is the most warm and genuine human being you will find. He is paid by no one. He is a former Catholic priest who lives humbly in a barrio in Caracas. He is a perceptive observer of Venezualan affairs - read his book it will open the eyes of those not already blinded by hate. Charlie, of course, sides with the poor and under-privileged and the wealthy and priveleged don't like that.

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