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April 11, 2007



Where's Henry?


I am here, MCONNELL.

Some points:

1- a) Venezuela is not playing a central role in defending from human rights abuses. On the contrary, Chávez distrusts human rights NGOs, especially if they are critical of the "Bolivarian Revolution's" HR record.
b) "Defending LA from corporations"? Please. Capitalism is alive and well in Venezuela. Example: Offshore gas production.

2- Workers control is the exception, not the rule, in Venezuela. The process is very much top-down, and follows Chávez's every whim.

3- Green? Venezuelans rely more and more on cars, especially the privileged boliburgueses in their brand new Hummers, not the greenest vehicle on Earth.

4- As for distributing free books and literacy programs, a commendable initiative, Chávez has continued a trend rather than create one. Did you know that Venezuela's illiteracy was under 7% before Chávez?

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