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April 20, 2007



"What would be more surprising is if the CIA is not searching for a way to get rid of the popular Venezuelan President. After all, Chávez has proven to be quite a threat to the interests of the U.S. Empire and their corporate sponsors. Chávez has sharply rejected Washington's neo-liberal agenda, nationalized major sectors of the economy, freed his country from IMF and World Bank mandates, strengthened OPEC, taken control of the nation's oil industry, and strengthened south-south integration across the world.

However, what is even more threatening to the interests of the empire is that the revolution in Venezuela serves as an example in the region, and is now spreading to other places. Countries like Bolivia and Ecuador are now living their own revolutions, replicating the Venezuelan experience."

1- Major sectors of the economy "nationalized"? None. Most of the telecom sector remains in private hands (example: cellulars). Most of the electrical sector was already public. In the oil and gas sectors, especially the latter, the opposite is true.

2- Before Chávez, Venezuela owed $3 billion to the IMF and the World Bank, a small amount given the size of the Venezuelan economy, certainly not enough to talk of a "mandate".

3- "taken control of the nation's oil industry" TRANSLATION: Chávez now uses PDVSA as his personal piggy bank.

4- What an example! To talk of "revolutions" in Ecuador and Bolivia without blushing! There is one word in Spanish for people like Carlson: Descarado.

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