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May 31, 2007



So, let me see if I get this. The European Parliament, the presidency of the European Union, Reporters Without Borders, the Spanish government, former presidents from Brazil and Costa Rica, the current presidents of Chile and Perú, as well as a host of NGOs and oher foreign governments, are a bunch of hypocrites, who don't care about freedom of speech at all. Or, rather, they don't care for freedom of speech unless they denounce every other violation of free speech in Latin America. But wait, that's precisely what Reporters Without Borders do, to mention just one case.

Ms. Cariboni writes: "Dissidents, who are labelled 'mercenaries on the payroll of the empire' (the United States) by the socialist government, have no access to the media."

No, she is not talking about Venezuela, she is talking about Cuba. And yet, this is EXACTLY the course that Chávez's government has taken regarding student protests against RCTV's closing: to label students "mercenaries on the payroll of the empire". Most TV/VHF stations in Venezuela are now influenced or owned by the government (something that Chávez's Légion étrangère never mentions, or rather, they lie and claim the exact opposite). Needless to say, protesters in those stations are shown as "enemies of the state" or, at best, as misguided dupes of imperialism.

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