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May 10, 2007


Colin Holland

Successive USA administrations have displayed a mindblock on such issues as Israel and Cuba, to an extent that has not helped it make or keep international friends.
Having said this the BBC and its cohorts have been on a pilgrimage for some years on hitting America. They do this by mainly disclosing facts that suit their agenda - questioning people of known like opinion or of wording one dimensional questions after a full preamble explaining their own position.
They infrequently disclose FULL facts and or balanced opinions on the USA on such items as climate change, death penalty, foreign policy, Islamism, Iraq, aid to poverty ridden countries - all part of their vested agenda.
What is more interesting is in what they do not talk about such as Gordan Brown last week promising £8.5 BILLION to African education over 10 years while our own education system is riven with problems; Afghanistan, and specifically it stays well away from the abortion issue in the USA since this will result in real retaliation.

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