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May 30, 2007



Well, well, this time William Lara and Mr. Chávez have outdone themselves. How is footage of the assassination attempt against John Paul II + lyrics from a song By Rubén Blades (Tengan fe): "¡Tengan fe, que esto no se acaba aquí!" to become a subliminal message to kill Chávez?

First of all, the footage shown is not easily identifiable as an assassination attempt. You cannot see any actual violence, just what appears to be the Pope tripping or falling. There is no audio of a gun being fired. Keep in mind that these events happened in 1981, when most Venezuelans weren't even born. I seriously doubt that most Venezuelans could identify the footage or what is going on in it.

Second, through which subconscious mechanism are we supposed to associate John Paul II with Chávez? I'm an atheist and I don't feel particular respect towards a person just because they wear priestly robes, but I have to admit that there is no possible comparison between the two: John Paul II was a man of vast culture, a polyglot who could speak in more languages than those Chávez is even aware of. John Paul II could have lectured for hours on Socialism (of any century) and of the classical works that Chávez quotes (probably without even having read the blurbs on the dust jackets). John Paul II was a man of peace, while Chávez relishes conflict, even with his friends. John Paul II was an anti-Communist, while Chávez claims to be a man of Leftist ideas. John Paul II was a world leader. His leadership came from an undeniable spiritual strength and moral ascendancy. His character was tempered by struggle against two of the most terrible dictatorships of the 20th century, those of Hitler and Stalin, who invaded and partitioned his native country. John Paul II earned the respect of admiration even of people who didn't share his faith. Chávez's "leadership" comes from his experiences as an officer in the Venezuelan army. Military leadership is unquestioned and granted automatically by rank (although real military leaders rise above convention and earn the loyalty of their subordinates). Chávez's record as a military leader (a failed coup d'état organizer) is well-known. So, how is anybody's subconscious to associate such dissimilar personalities?

Finally, how are we to transform Rubén Blades's lyrics (an anthem to hope in the face of adversity) into a call to death and violence?

The intellectual poverty of the "leaders" of this masquerade posing as a revolution has reached abyssal depths.


I'm sorry, Mr. Lara spells his first name "Willian". My mistake.

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