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June 26, 2007



Chávez is entering now his lunatic phase.

First, his new friends, hotbeds of "revolutionary" activity: Russia, Belarus and Iran.

Then, his claim that the student protests are organized from the US.

In addition, the US is preparing to "sabotage" a soccer championship (Copa América) in which they are participating.

And now, the US is going to invade. With what troops? The American military is straining under their commitments in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Truly, Chávez is the new Cantinflas.


I've seen your comments here b4.
It seems to me you are on someone's payroll.
I pay about as much attention to the comments as CNN or other functionally useless bought-and-paid-for news sources.


What makes you think I'm in someone's payroll, nocomment? Perhaps it is because you don't like them, and being virtuous, you attribute base motives to those who espouse ideas different from your own? On whose payroll are YOU?


Do you have anything substantial to say to my comments about Chávez?

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