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June 25, 2007


Dale Albertson

What a beautiful idea. President Chavez is addressing all of his people in every aspect of life and trying his best to bring them into the 21st century. America is angry because he wouldn't play their game and bow low like every other country around the world.

I live in Hawaii and hope one day we finally secure our independence from the american aggressor, the same one who says he talked to god and was told to fly over to Iraq and kill thousands of women and children because "they attacked the world trade center". Somehow that reasoning alludes the common sense of everyone I talk to. Then he picks on Venezuela, a country simply moving forward in its effort to remain self sufficient and non-reliant on the US and cries "the sky is falling" because now it seems The Great President, Chavez, holds all the keys to the worlds wealth. Not only that, but Chavez works for his people. Sure there will be strife, but you cannot please everyone all the time, so get over it and work with this Great President, Chavez, believe me HE IS THE REAL LEADER OF THE WORLD.

Just another citizen of the world, and oh by the way I'm not a convinced socialist, but clearly see the merits of President Chavez's effort.

With the little Spanish I know: Muchas Gracias para el trabaho que El Presidente Chavez hace por su Estado.

Dale Albertson

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