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July 13, 2007



The original Spanish-language post says 'Disinformation and Lies'.
Reporters Without Borders is a propaganda disinformation campaign by U.S. and corporate interests, which has appropriated the name '..Without Borders' from the better-know (and credible) 'Doctors Without Borders'.


It is sad to see how Mr. Lamrani sets out to "debunk" the position of RSF and falls in exactly the opposite extreme.

The reaction of the international media is an example of "hysteria" (in other words, irrational; nothing to see here, folks) and part of a "disinformation campaign" (orchestrated by whom? Talk about conspiracy theories).

The closing of RCTV ia "banal" (never mind that it is UNPRECEDENTED in Venezuela; I could care less if it has happened in 190 countries).

It is a "completely normal and legitimate administrative decision" (even though there was NO normal administrative procedure or decision, just Presidential caprice). Actually, the decision came first, the administrative procedure (if we can call it that) came later to "justify" the decision.

The closure of RCTV's TV/VHF signal is part of a trend that goes back to at least 2001. For more information (in Spanish) on recent restrictions on freedom of expression in Venezuela, go to http://www.espaciopublico.org/


Newsbreak! Chávez's government now wants to extends "cadenas" to cable TV. I am sure that this is just another example of "democratizing" the media.

Just in case, an official source:http://www.minci.gob.ve/noticias/1/14828/reformaran_ley_de.html


What most foreign supporters of Chávez don't seem to understand, is that Chávez does not want to "democratize" the media, Chávez wants to CONTROL the media under the guise of democratizing them.

We can already see that TVES is a TV station that only allows government-friendly views. Is that "democratization"?

One example: Tal Cual published an interview with Lil Rodríguez (President of the new TVES) and Rafaela Cusati (Member of the Directive Board) on July 6th.


"–¿Qué se puede decir y qué no a través de la pantalla de TVes?
LR: No se pueden decir incoherencias.

–¿Puede ser más precisa?
LR: Por ejemplo, te puedo hablar del caso de una periodista amiga que adversa profundamente la gestión del Gobierno como parte del Estado, la adversa y entonces me dice: “Quiero tener un programa en TVes”. ¿Cómo quieres tener un programa en la pantalla de lo que adversas?
Eso no es coherente ¿o sí?"

Más claro no ganta un gallo.

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