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August 10, 2007



These are two very important posts, especially since the other day was International Day of the Worlds Indigenous Peoples and the U.N. is floundering with the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. I've commented on Indigenous Issues Today concerning the U.N., and am really excited about these meetings in Venezuela. Let's hope something comes of them.

thakur prasad

I am trawing to understand latin amrican developement since few month. now am in a position to coment on the subject.first i will like to thanks hugo chavez,his council of ministers,peoples of particular venezuela and in general of latin amrica.as i know things are going well. the developement which is going on their will provide the way to world people against imperialist war of corporate globalisation.i am in india and working among the indigeneous people against corporate globalisation. 10 billion indigeneous people of india are very keenly watching the development of latin amrica ,with hope that a way will come out for the indigeneous people of world. thakur prasad.

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