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September 11, 2007


Miguel Bautista

I heard the beautiful Sloan EyesOnSloan From the United States of America comment about this two days ago on Globovision. I was very impressed that she was allowed to expand such a Western View regarding this Tyrant. Certainly her comments were written for her

Bandera Negra

Last sunday he offered a "machine-gun Vietnam" to the Bolivian oligarchy

first, why is this his problem?
second, is menacing the people of a foreign country any manner of conducting internaional affairs in the American continent?

what is O.A.S. supposed to say, in this cases?
what will the POTUS (George W. Bush) say about this outrage?
what will the candidates?
will there be some American radicals willing to fight this fight in the Bolivian cordilleras where Ché met his match?

come on people!
wake up!
smell the napalm in the morning!


Bandera Negra


Yeah, I was able to interview her before a Dodgers pre-season game in Phoenix Feb 09; she has such an infectious smile, and quiet softness about her. She understands the "business" of a spokesperson. This beautiful woman is no Bimbo, and it's very plain to see she is not the typical Latina portrayed on our south of the border television. She is more of an administrator of South American baseball and Soccer. It’s hard to talk to her and not notice that her candidness is more in front than what she looks like, while at the same time trying to avoid it.
After doing some research, we understand her first husband passed away and her second husband whom fathered her youngest daughter had a history of affairs, we could not confirm divorce. When we asked her about him she said, "He was the most beautiful man she had ever known." It wasn't clear who she was talking about. Our consensus was that she was disturbed by the question and wanted to move on. Her slanted smile also had a keen sense of "I'll give you the answer you will print!" politically correct response. She asked me not to ask her anymore about it since her daughter was able to articulate the information regarding infidelity and could be subject to finding things on the internet. She didn't want her to be in the position of being questioned by friends, I’m certain she muffled under her breath. My only conclusion to her blushing face was that she didn't want her family to be affected by any negative information.
She is one of us, indirectly that’s what we do is ask questions! Although, she has received, lots of attention on the fields lately. It’s obvious she feels abashed at the extravagant comments regarding her presence.
Sloan is truly a modern lady, with an old fashion edge. We asked her what have you learned that you can teach your daughters? She said,
"Guard your heart from immature men, Know what your role isn't, Serve . Tell yourself the Truth about what you Eat and Tolerate, and A man should never be more effeminate than you." It rolled out of her mouth like she had said it a million times and rehearsed it. Maybe she had finally convinced herself of what she deserved, or maturity had whittled her heart to obey her brain.
What is your biggest illin in a man? We asked, "She said an effeminate man, a braga-saurus who will die lying about who he is and project his madness on to you for Not believing his BS." Spoken like a True Daddy’s Girl.
Another member of our colleagueship asked her how she plans to develop her presence and interaction with the MLB. She said, "Well as I see it Phoenix is becoming a Mecca for baseball and it's relevant in the state of the art sports complexes we have built in the last few years. I hope to grow with them or define a new role for myself within the organization. Something I can develop on my own with the help of Miami.
So we wait to see what that is! I think she has an idea already. Or a new contracto.

Escrava Isaura


Her American name is Sloan Daniel,

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