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November 12, 2007



I’m glad someone told him to shut up, who better than the king of Spain. It’s great that some Venezuelans are protesting. But it saddens me that they are met with violence. I hope the people of Venezuela stop being manipulated by Chávez. What’s sad is they probably don’t have a choice. These protests might inspire more to join in. I recently came across a website about Estonia’s Singing Revolution (http://singingrevolution.com) and it was inspirational to see a story about thousands of people coming together to fight for their freedom from Russia.


Ok look people, I am a Venezuelan and personally I do not agree with what Chavez is doing. I currently live in Venezuela and things are getting really messy around here with the things about the new constitucion,but many of the things you Americans watch in the news is only one side of the story. Chavez had no right to say that about Aznar interupting Zapatero. But you guys have no right at all to call him Clinically ill. He has done many good things in this country but many of these ideas he takes to an extreme which is just not right. But please.. if you people ever get a chance to come here you will see that its not all bad. The opposition here is mainly Higher Middle Class and Upper Class... if you have ever been to high school u+yourself ought to know the difference of Greasers and Socials, its the same here Socials(opposition) tend to be overly emotional and exxagerate things and are total drama queens while Greasers(not opposition) Just have to deal with the harder parts in life and Chavez is making it easier for them but not for the Higher Class and typically news papers or whatever only cover one side of the story.. it truly does take a knowledgeable person to observe that.. not just go along with everything you here cuz that is mighty stupid if u ask me.. so before you people say anything just take a minute to read somthing from the pro chavez side and then post ur opinions...


Chávez and his cheerleaders are trying to make his incredible rudeness look like some sort of heroic defiance of Spanish imperialism, speaking "truth to power".

The fact is that the King of Spain didn't tell Chávez to shut up because of what he was saying, but because he was constantly interrupting Rodríguez Zapatero while he was using his turn at the microphone. Chávez had already made his point ad nauseam when it was his turn.

To call Aznar a "Fascist" is exactly equivalent to calling Rodríguez Zapatero a "Communist". It is completely exaggerated and inaccurate, part of Chávez's strategy to polarize the political spectrum.

This time, save the hopeless cases, it backfired. Most people abroad saw what Venezuelans have to endure on a regular basis: Character assassination, rudeness, threats, etc.


My support to pressident Chavez for the good work as pressident and lider of Latin America.
The Spanish King think he still in the conquist era that he can continue killing al the indian peoples in Latin America, but the pressident Chaves are there to tell him he is wrong.


Aznar was member of a facist group. Do you need more evidence to call him a facist.


Make peace, not war!

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