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February 07, 2008



that's how the so.called civilised operates. lies, bullsh*t and propaganda all in the name of free.dumb,just.us and de.mockery
keep on rocking in the free world


the "secret" has been known for years ... who doesn't know that Chavez is one of the biggest drug runners in the world .... he will meet his fate as Noriega did ... first an indictment for drug-dealing and money -laundering , then an invasion and crushing blow to him and his followers by CIA and military


Chavez has been protecting narco-terrorists of the FARC an ELN for years. One wonders what he gets in return other that to assert ignorant and even stupid commentaries about his Colombia counterpart. No doubt he's a smart dictator...but eventually the Pueblo Venezolano will get wise and kick him out of office...just a matter of time now that he has lost his latest referendum.

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